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About Us

With years of experience, Plastboat is a manufacturer focusing on the tailor-made
production of small and medium-sized professional boats, commercial vessels, and
military boats with HDPE material based in Turkey. Our factory is a 1500 sqm closed
area located in Istanbul’s Tuzla Deri Organized Industrial Zone. You are welcome to
visit anytime.
Our founder is the owner of two companies in the logistics and maritime sectors,
one of which is Plastboat Denizcilik, and the other is IstanbulPark Transport. These
two enterprises have been managed as family businesses for the past 20 years and
have provided excellent services to their stakeholders.
Every choice is motivated by our primary objective, which is to give the finest
quality products and services to our clients.

This is Our Vision

We offer the greatest maritime solutions to our clients by designing and delivering
products that are the safest, maintenance-free, durable, efficient, and affordable.

We Have a Vision

Plastboat aspires to become a world-renowned leading brand among medium-
sized work boat and military boat manufacturers and to present the world to the

quality of Turkish engineering and boat workmanship.

Messages From CEO

The hdpe material used in our boats does not require painting and is not harmful
to the environment. Additionally, it is 100 percent recyclable and extremely durable.
It has a very low carbon footprint compared to other materials. We will increase the
marketing and manufacturing of boats made from this material.

PlastBoat have been building various types of boats from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Under our brand PlastBoat, we manufacture modernly designed marine ambulances, agency boats, boats for coastal security authorities, boats for the marina security and fire boats, boats for the transportation of cargo or personnel, service boats for fish farms, special service boats for tourism and advertisement, service boats for shipyards, boats that serve open sea stations like floating platforms or piers, all made of polyethylene .


Head Office

Istanbul Deri OSB Dolap Caddesi No: 12 H - 17 Parsel Tuzla Istanbul TR

Phone:+90 216 504 14 25
GSM:+90 532 415 01 97 
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