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Commercial & Personal Boat Solutions

These boats have to be durable and safe. No matter the climate, whether it’s cold or tropical, the boats need to be completely reliable at all times. Navigating in shallow or choppy seas is fine as long as you keep your hands on the wheel. No matter if you’re piloting, scuba diving, patrolling, or surveying. You need to do your duty. As best as you can. Therefore, we created the Plastboat.

HDPE Material Advantages

Low-maintenance - No need polishing or paint repair - No vulnerable tubes - No Corrusion - Impact Resistance - Unsinkable – Lighter than Water - HDPE does not crack - Does not propagate flames - No anti fouling needed  - Durability – rot resistant - Higher damping capability - than aluminium and fiberglass - 100% Recyclable

Commercial and Personal Boat Solutions

Work boats

designed specifically as an electrical or fuel engines with multipurpose workboat. Due to it's catamaran hull structure and highly sophisticated balance distribution, this boat provides ..
Comercial Boats

 was initially designed as a fast patrol boat, with a particularly protected operation base on the bow deck for patrol operations. A functionally effective and user-friendly..
Military Boats

designed for the military as a patrol vessel, for maritime security, emergency response, and fast attack in inland and coastal waters.Various configurations can be fitted ...
Pleasure Boats

designed for a life of luxury on the water. You can stay in spacious oceanfront rooms with all the luxurious equipment, where you can experience a sense of home. 
PlastBoat have been building various types of boats from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Under our brand PlastBoat, we manufacture modernly designed marine ambulances, agency boats, boats for coastal security authorities, boats for the marina security and fire boats, boats for the transportation of cargo or personnel, service boats for fish farms, special service boats for tourism and advertisement, service boats for shipyards, boats that serve open sea stations like floating platforms or piers, all made of polyethylene .


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